Arizona Corrugated


Arizona Corrugated Container is located in Mesa, Arizona in the Phoenix area and is our newest addition to the CalBox Group.  It is the sister manufacturing company of Tucson Container Corp.

Arizona Corrugated Container’s corrugator runs both Mullen and ECT board grades on its new 98" state-of-the art corrugator.  ACC also produces high quality corrugated boxes and with very short dependable turnaround times for delivery!

ACC supplies locations daily with corrugated sheets and boxes to many industrial plants in Arizona, and Mexico!


Make BHS
Width 98 inches
Rated Maximum Speed 1000 feet per minute
Single facers type Non Pressure Roll
Flutes: Singlewall E, B, C
Flutes: C, B, E, CB, CE, BE
Trim System Razor Cut
Scoring Profiles M-M M-F
Number out 6 12 scores
Minimum/Maximum Slit Width 8" 97 1/2"
Minimum/Maximum Cut Length 19 5/8" 216
Minimum/Maximum Roll Width 43" 98"
Minimum/Maximum Roll Diameter 20" 60"
Banding Poly
Stretchwrap No (only on finished goods)
Minimum Order (Standard Grades) 12" or 100 lineal feet
Flute BC C B E
A 12" Stack is: 50 75 100 200