Prospective customers still value color print on a quality substrate for its strengths such as style, tangibility, sensuality, convenience, impact, authenticity and confidence. Indeed, many buyers report that these qualities and characteristics can be more important than ever in the ephemeral world of digital communications, because they offer a human connection. Nothing compares with the corrugated paper box viewing held, felt and viewed while experiencing the magic sensation of it in front of your eyes.

For over 30 years, the CalBox Group has earned an enviable reputation as a leader in design engineering, with prototyping. Development of new shapes and functions are made possible by combing experience and of our dozen designers with specialized computer software such as 3D renderings on paper or computer screens and a library of over 2,000 corrugated box and POP designs.

Identifying the right style, size, structure and color solution comes from a thorough analysis, research and testing of “mock-ups.”

When the designed corrugated sample is approved by the customer, in writing, there is no charge for the creating of the idea, its realization, its labor or delivery. However, we do expect a purchase order to manufacture our packaging design solution.

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