Corrugated Box Styles

Arizona Corrugated, Tucson Container, and West Texas are competitive in Industrial Packaging

Converting capacity for our 3 plants:

  • We produce our own corrugated sheets on our NEW state-of-the-art corrugator in Phoenix
  • Big box 1 color Jumbo Flexo press 
  • Two 3-color presses with inline rotary die cutting
  • Large 3-color flexo-folder-gluers with inline die cutting
  • Flat die cutters using stripping jigs
  • 2-color Mini flexo for small boxes 
  • Two 3-color mid size flexo-folder-gluers with die cutting and cameras to inspect every box
  • Specialty gluers for trays, auto lock bottoms, snap locks, and more
  • Automatons to laminate litho sheet to corrugated board
  • Taper/gluers and stitchers
  • Slitters
  • New photographic quality digital printer

Each machine is backed up by another machine to insure on time deliveries. Come and do a customer audit.

"We now have the quality tools that our competitors lack, and we are using latest technology to add value and drive down cost for our customers."
- Nick Widera, Quality Assurance Mgr.



  1. The economic downturn will change industrial buyers' and consumers' buying habits. We create new packaging opportunities for your needs. Our technology of paper and machinery can be your solution.
  2. Most box plants only have relationships or price. We also pay attention to our promises for what quality we convert and deliver.
  3. With our many new 3 color Flexo folder gluers with die cut sections and vacuum transfer, we will not crush flutes of RSC and FOL boxes. Our print registration is plus or minus one thirty second of an inch. Quality for us, is total conformance to material and service to blueprints and specs.
  4. We have the latest computerized gluing system on some of our new Flexo folder gluers.  They have high speed cameras that inspect each box for perfect quality control.
  5. All our machinery is fast set-up (i.e. 10 minute average set-up). That can reduce inventory of finished boxes due to the ability to run and deliver on a true J.I.T. basis. Used correctly, we save on warehousing space (approx. 8% of your bottom line).
  6. We are ISO 9001-2008 (for quality/safety certification of industrial, display, and converted boxes and products).
  7. We sell all packaging suppliers direct and through brokers.
  8. You can run boxes in any of our 6 manufacturing plants. They are in Southern California, Tucson and Mesa AZ. in the Phoenix area, El Paso and Houston TX.



Our business philosophy is to meet and exceed our customers' needs.

        CalBox Group is your single source for industrial protective packaging, where and when you want them. We win repeat orders by keeping the production line running- at the lowest, total cost.

         Indeed, our people are the real solution providers. As an entrepreneurial company, we anticipate and react to changing niche market conditions. Team leadership, not committees, is the key ingredient to our success.

         Quality, fast and dependable service is a way of life for us. It is the number one consideration in everything we do.

          We continue to be recognized for quick decision-making. We offer over 30 years of experience, a fast response network of facilities near the US-Mexican border, and most important, an outstanding record for providing custom box-making solutions, for you, our customers.

           Our dedication to excellence has allowed CB Group to attain a leadership position in the manufacture and supply of industrial packaging. Our traditions and value propositions collectively define the very essence of our brand. As one of the largest independent box makers in the Southwest, we believe in our responsibilities to each and every customer.

            For us, the key is to keep improving. Develop new directions. Adapt, for there is no permanent solution.