Packaging Solutions

We can design any packaging solution. With package design & fabrication services to create custom boxes, point of purchase displays, and indeed, any custom corrugated products for your every need.
In Arizona, we have diversified, by also offering packaging supplies, folding cartons, labels, and fulfillment.
Plus, we manufacture custom foam packaging, crates, heat treated wood crating and pallets, and much more.
In effect, our box plants have also become distributors in niche markets. When we sense opportunity, we move fast and energize our people.
Kino List of Popular Products:
  • AIB Certified
  • Foam Fabrication
  • Assembly & Partitions
  • Auto Lock Bottom, Snap Lock Boxes, Glued Trays
  • Pads and Corrugated Boxes, Over 500 in stock
  • Mailers & Tubes
  • Cushioning Materials
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Loose Fill (Foam Peanuts)
  • Poly Bags
  • Foam Sheets and Rolls
  • Static Control Products (Bags & Bubbles)
  • Stock & Special Order Chipboard
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Tapes, Tape Dispensers
  • Shrink Film, Stretch Film
  • Strapping (Metal & Poly)
  • Wood Crating
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