Kino’s Convoluted Polyurethane Foam

Ideal for cushioning a variety of large, small, and odd-shaped objects
in a single package.

Polyurethane Foam

order in sets

Ridges hug the items, preventing movement. Unusually light in weight, and flexible enough to wrap around an object if desired. This adaptability to different shapes and sizes makes it possible for convoluted foam packaging systems to accommodate all the items in a product line in a relatively small number of standard shipping containers.

Use FAST PACKS – a combination of corrugated and foam – for fast packing and safe shipping of fragile items.


Convoluted foam must be ordered in sets. Two pieces of convoluted foam, when nested together, equal one set.
When ordering, specify “A” dimension and “B” dimension, plus length and width, as well as the density of foam required.
SizeDescriptionStyleItem No.
1x48x96EPS Styrofoam SheetRigidPS 148
2x48x96EPS Styrofoam SheetRigidPS 248
1x24x72Urethane Foam RubberSoftPS 124
2x24x72Urethane Foam RubberSoftPS 224
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