Kino Wood Crating

Kino Crating Co specializes in wood boxes and crates.
We can custom engineer and build all shape and size crates to match
your unique specifications. We offer innovative solutions to produce
what you need.
Kino Crating
Kino Crating has vast experience in providing heavy-duty wood crating for the aerospace industry, medical equipment, trade shows, and more. Besides designing, we offer testing, mold and die crates, overseas crates, military crates, die-cut foam assemblies and sub-assemblies, repair of your broken crates, custom military pallets, etc.
More and more countries, such as Mexico, are requiring the ISPM-15 (Heat Treated Program), which requires the IPPC HT Stamp for wood packaging being imported within its borders. All of our lumber purchased is in compliance with the Heat Treated Program (ISPM-15) and is HT Stamped.

What is on the Inside?

Inside our wood crating and boxes, you’ll find custom packaging, blocking, and bracing. These critical elements ensure your items arrive safe, damage free, and on time.
Assembly & Kit Assembly