There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, “Yes I’ve got dreams, of course I’ve got dreams.”
Then they put the box away and bring it out once in a while to look in it, and “yep, they’re still there.”


On Time with Quality - “No Excuses”

Written 1992


Swimming with the Paper Whales

Written 2008

The common sense examples and guidelines that enable us to move to manufacturingexcellenceandbeyondtoentrepreneurial success. Thebookisacompilation of experiences, knowledge, thought, essays, data, and concerns gathered from John Widera’s lifetime journey in the paper industry. The insights on paper mills, low cost solutions, China, and private equity sharks should become a reference book for managers.

Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century - Principles 1B

Written 2018

Highperformance leadersare readers. This isa“how to”booktoteachproficiencyin diagnoisandasanorientationtool. It isaguidetoreachsuccess runningasmallbusiness. The book goes beyond yesterday’s oft-vague principles in managerial preconceived opinions. Do you have the right qualities for the job (managerial skills, confidence, persuasiveness,persistence,athirst for learning,andtolerancefor stress)? Areyou willing totradethebenefitsof workingatalargeorganizationfor thechancetobeincharge? Then you will find the content of this book engaging, thoughtful, and , at least, unexpectecd.

Entrepreneurs of the 21st Century - Best Practices 2

Written 2014

John Widera has combed through personal experiences and business articles on change, leadership, strategy, managing people, and managing oneself and selected the most important ones to help maximize your own and your organization’s performance. He has acheived the successful marriage of practical relevance and theoretical accuracy in theis book for entrepreneurs. And even if readers understand the basics of business, they often wonder in the dark searching for strategy to acieve a trasformation. So, learn how to execute the practices and solid ideas recommended in this book.

The Power of the Paper Whales Principles & Practices of Paper Makers 3B

Rewritten 2017

Thisbookisanengrossingandveryreadableaccountofhow world-classpaper makers influencesmalland midsizecorrugatedbox manufacturers withtheirdistributors/brokers. It showcases John Widera’sgift for luciddisectionof thepaper industriesprinciples and practices. The book provides an insight into describing the history and integration of the paper conglomerates i.e. “Paper Whales.” Its chapters onpricing, financial investors, corrugated converters, etc., suggests that, once these elements are learned, they can be used more skillfully. Theauthoradvises thatbeforechoosingastrategy,yoneedtoassess the weapons youhaveavailaabletoprotecthyour marketposition – yurbrandidentity, theproducts, and services that support that identity, and your means of commit. Then assess your customers value to you and their vulnerability to being poached by rivals. The strategies described in the book offer lessons for any company facing new and potentially damaging competition.

Surviving the environmental impact of a paper world

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