Litho-Laminating at TCC & WTC
The benefits of litho labels will always be the ‘go to ‘ for those high quality graphics and long run orders.
When a digital printing innovation was introduced to the corrugated industry, many admitted to thinking that it would replace litho labeling altogether. As time goes on, however, converters are finding that digital print isn’t the slam dunk replacement for litho printing that many thought it would be. Instead, they are proving to be complementary graphic processes that di- versify the capabilities for box plants.
At all our facilities, the customer has the greatest input in the final decision. Nervertheless, we do have a list of criteria, which includes defining the purpose of the box or display, presenting a price comparison and evaluating the volume of the order, the size of the ligho sheet, etc.
Differentiating Factors

Quality, quantity, and the skill of the operator are some of the common factors that are taken into con-sideration when deciding which is the right choice for a plant or job. Quality has been a point that many agree on. Digital print, though very good, still doesn’t achieve the level of quality that labeling can. If you’re looking for a nice, shiny, photo quality finish, labels are the way to go, says Nick Widera, Manager of WTC.

Quantities play a role in determining the break even point of digital printing vs labeling. For lower quantities with multiple outputs, digital printing makes sense. Whereas, higher quantities and desire for higher quality graphics would lead you to labels instead, he says.

Your price is another factor that differentiates the two methods. Why? The up-front costs (about $5 to $6 million) of purchasing a high speed digital printer, parts, and ink are much higher than labelers. Plus, the labor costs are also greater due to the special skills required to be a digital printer. We’ve had several integrated customers tell us that they are using labelers instead of evolving digital printers because of the trouble they have in finding operators with the needed expertise for quality results, ” says Chris Widera, CEO of WTC and TCC.

Litho-Laminating at TCC & WTC

Ask these questions when ordering Litho Laminated Labels –
Are there additional colors need other than 4-color
Are special colors required like Metallic gold or silver?
These require special consideration.
Full or Spot Label
Is waterbase coating required?
Diamond Kote (UV Coating)

for color chromalens?

70# or heavier?
Coated one side?
Grain – determined by laminator, usually longer scoring direction
SBS – 8, 10, or 12, will eliminate fluting